“Cosmos” in Process

"Cosmos" 48 x 29

"Cosmos" 48 x 29

I’ve been working on “Cosmos” most of the summer and it’s finally pieced! This is the newest piece  in my “Playing with Colors” series and I expect to have it finished in time for the MPArtfest on Oct. 4. You can see the others in the series “Playing with Crayons” and “Playing with Colors” on my website in the Large Art Quilts gallery.

The other two quilts in the series use the full color spectrum, but in this one I wanted to focus on just two main complementary colors, blue and orange. I used the same improvisational quarter circle blocks I’ve used in several recent pieces and pushed the blues on both sides of the color wheel from blue-green through blue-purple to add interest to the design. There are also 3 or 4 different oranges.

Initially I had the orange sections floating randomly across the surface of the piece, but after it sat on the design wall for several weeks, I decided that it would be more interesting to have them form more of a pattern. The result reminded me of pictures from space–hence the name.

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