New to Color Block Series – “Amber Harvest”

Amber Harvest 34"h x 25"w

Amber Harvest 34"h x 25"w

“Amber Harvest” is the newest piece completed in my Color Block series and it moves off in a different direction that I’m very excited about. For this piece, I created one improvisational block by cutting strips, resewing them and cutting again until I had a block I was happy with. Then I framed it asymmetrically with gold solid and machine quilted it. The other pieces in the series are busier, with groups of these blocks put together into a composition. I wanted to see what would happen if I just showcased one block.

For the quilting, I tried something new to me as well. The upper left and lower sections are machine quilted in echoing waves, which reminded me of a planted field. The upper right has a pebble design which plays nicely against the more orderly lines to the left and below.

I think this is an interesting new direction and I’m going to do more of these!

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