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Confetti Squares



Confetti Squares is a vertical wall hanging composed of bright blocks in a variety of sizes and colors. The long narrow composition features improvisational log cabin style blocks, and is the perfect size to add color and texture to your space.

The stitching is simple wavy lines that run diagonally across the piece.

Size: 58″ x 25″

Includes a hanging sleeve and wooden slat with a small eyehook in each end for easy hanging on the wall with only two nails.

I create all my work in my studio overlooking a lake in Reston, VA. Each wall hanging is quilted individually using my domestic home sewing machine. The designs are stitched freehand, with no marking ahead of time and no computer program, just me drawing the designs in my head with the machine’s needle and thread.

Pet free and smoke free environment.

Care: Avoid hanging in direct sunlight. To remove dust, brush lightly with a lint roller.

Shipping via USPS or FedEx for a flat $20 fee.

Return policy: Enjoy your new piece in your home or office. If it doesn’t suit your space, let me know and return it to me at your expense within seven days of receipt and I will refund the purchase price.


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