Working with Erika at ACC Atlanta

 March 17, 2014
Posted by Cindy
Make Room Display ACC Atlanta 2014

Make Room Display ACC Atlanta 2014

Just a quick post before I get on the road to drive home from Atlanta. Since it’s snowing in DC, I decided to give the snowplows a chance to do their work before I get there!

It was such a pleasure working with Atlanta designer Erika Ward at the ACC Atlanta show this weekend. She was one of the designers selected to create a room setting at the show featuring work from the artists in the show, and she chose my Red Totem quilt. She hung the quilt over the back of a neutral chair, creating a beautiful focal point for this warm, welcoming space, and I loved it! Although I normally hang my quilts on the wall, it was fun to see how someone else chose to feature my work to accent a real living space. Erika did such a great job of pulling the colors in the central square of the quilt out into the room with the strong blue walls and yellow and red accents, and adding to the overall texture with the small tables and the rug–makes you want to move right in!

Erika wrote an interesting blog post about her design choices that has pictures of the room coming together that I wanted to share. She has some close-up pictures that really show the textures and colors of the space very well. Click here to read about her concept and her process. Thanks Erika!

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