DSCN0449Here’s the update for “Red is a Neutral” with the piecing finished. I made the improvisational blocks individually and then put them together like a jigsaw puzzle. The last block I made was the one on the upper right with the strippy sections. I really liked that effect, but it stood out too much with the rest of the piece, so I randomly added several more sections like it to help the eye move around.

Scraps for Color Block Series To the left is the beginnings of the quilt on the right, just a pile of strips and leftover blocks next to my sewing machine. It’s loads of fun to see how this raw material turns into something interesting!

I plan to hand quilt this piece, like I have the others in the series, with a small utility stitch and perle cotton. I think it enhances the nature of the piece more than my usual heavy machine quilting would. Stay tuned!