Snow-covered wind sculptureThis isn’t a quilt, but I couldn’t resist sharing. We got two feet of snow yesterday and the wind sculpture in my back garden was covered in snow on every surface. It still rotated in the wind and was so beautiful I’ve been wondering all day how to make it into a quilt design! The sculpture has two arms that rotate independently so you see a different circular image depending on how much wind there is.

We were fortunate that the snow came on a Saturday so my husband was home from work, our younger son wasn’t in school, and our older son was home from college this weekend for the holiday, so the whole family was together. We shoveled snow, made cookies, put up the Christmas tree (finally), made a fire and watched movies. It was a fantastic break from the usual hustle and bustle of the season and so special that we were all at home together to enjoy it.

Happy Holidays to All!