Beach House 20 x 16“Beach House” is another new piece I’ve finished just in time for summer. I tried something different with the improvisational piecing for this one, creating just one band of color set against a yellow and orange background. When it was finished, a small house shape appeared almost in the center–a blue body with a green roof. So I quilted a pebble and wave motif in the lower portion which reminded me of sand and ocean, and a wind or cloud motif in the upper portion. The whole composition reminded me of a great day at the beach–thus the name. If you double-click on the image at right you will be able to see the quilting details.

This piece was actually inspired by my previous work with Color Blocks–see Amber Harvest and Jazz Rhythms on my website. “Jazz” was the first piece and it is designed with a very busy combination of seemingly random improvisational blocks tied together with wonky stripes.  “Harvest” was next and explored the idea of using just one larger improv block set in an asymmetrical style with strong quilting lines. “Beach House” looks at the improv piece as a band, rather than a block. I’m intrigued with the concept of using solid fabrics and experimenting with various quilting lines to give the work character. Looking back at my body of work, my strengths appear to be bold color combinations and an interesting quilting line, so I’ve decided to concentrate on those two areas and see where the road takes me.

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