Abstract Stripes Cindy Grisdela 2010 (center) Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery October 2010

There’s a new show up at the Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery and I have three wall pieces there, including Abstract Stripes, the long skinny piece in the middle at left. You can see a closer view of this piece here.

(My apologies for the incorrect links previously. I have been off the grid this last week traveling and didn’t have internet access to correct them. I did check the links before I left, but I think sometimes gremlins get into the computer when I’m not looking!)

Abstract Stripes is the first in a series of long skinny pieces I have on the design board to explore the use of solid colors with stripes and dense freehand quilting of several different motifs in the larger areas. It’s most interesting close up.

Also in the Gallery this month are Wild Geese in Flight and Charming Zebra. My photos of these pieces in the Gallery didn’t pass the resolution test, so you can see them here and here.

Also shown in the photo is work by Gallery members Floris Flam, to the left of my work, Betty Ford, whose two pieces are above mine, and Ann Liddle, whose three framed pieces are to the right. You can find more information about them at the Gallery website above.

I haven’t spent much time in the studio this week because I’ve been trying to catch up on the rest of life after the Studio Tour.  I spent a couple of hours today preparing Playing with Colors to be shipped off to the Art Quilts XV: Needleplay exhibit in Chandler, AZ, and I really enjoyed being back around my fabrics and thread. I have some ideas running around in my head for new pieces–November is going to be creative time!