As we wind down 2010 today, I’d like to say “Thank You.”

Thank you to all who read my blog, make insightful comments, and encourage me along my journey as an artist. I wasn’t sure when I started this blog at the end of 2008 whether I would have enough to say, or whether anyone would be interested in reading. But I was thrilled to find that writing about my art helps me to focus on what it is I really want to say with my work, and your supportive comments are greatly appreciated!

Thank you to all who visited me at my events this year and gave me such positive feedback on my work.  It’s great fun to meet new people who are interested in art and I love talking with you and hearing how this piece or that one speaks to you. Art is all about connections, and it’s wonderful when someone walking by my booth stops in and says “Wow!” It gives me encouragement to keep going, especially this year, when I have begun exploring some new avenues.

Finally, thank you to all of you who have purchased a piece of my art this year. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you want to take my work home with you or give it to someone you care about as a gift. I feel so fortunate to be able to spend my time making art and sharing it with others–I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.

I’d also like to thank the community of artists in Great Falls Studios, Studio Art Quilt Associates and Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery for their inspiration, encouragement, and support. I learn so much from being part of these creative groups.

Happy New Year and best wishes for peace and creativity in 2011!