"Neighbors on the Square" unquilted top Cindy Grisdela 2011

“Neighbors on the Square” is Day 14 of my quilt a day for 30 days project. I went back to an earlier top for the color scheme–the lime green and purple is a lot of fun to work with, but I’m not sure how it would be to actually live with it!

I’m enjoying making these improvisational house shapes–I think there are three or four tops with this idea so far. The triangular roofs add interest to the composition and the house shapes give a focal point to draw the eye. Plus I have an exhibit coming up in the summer at a real estate office in the area with friend and fellow artist Jennifer Duncan, and we decided to use a “house” theme. I’ve seen one of her paintings so far and it’s great! We tend to use a similar color palette and it’s always interesting to hang our work together to see how painting and fiber work together. She likes lime green too!

I’m still thinking about the quilting motifs to use on this top, but there are lots of possibilities!

First 10 Tops of March Project Cindy Grisdela 2010

I realized that my design wall isn’t large enough to show all the tops at once, so at right is the first 10 tops completed this month. They’re very different, but I think you can see several themes emerging–Marbles, Currents, and Improv Houses. On Day 20 I’ll post the next ten and the final ten at the end.

If you’re new to the project, I challenged myself to create one art quilt a day for the month of March. Each piece is 16″x20,” uses only solid fabrics, and is entirely pieced by machine, not fused. I’ll choose the best of them, quilt them and mount them on stretcher bars, and show them in an exhibit later this year. I’m posting nearly every day on my progress, so check back often! My inspiration was fellow artist Jill Banks deciding in January to paint 100 faces in 100 days. Click on her name to see her progress as well.