Skyscrapers 19"x23" Cindy Grisdela 2011

I finished the first three tops in my 30 quilts for the month of March project and took them to the framers a couple of weeks ago–they’re back now and I couldn’t wait to start sharing them! I decided not to quilt them in the order they were created for a variety of reasons, so you’ll be seeing them in a random order.

“Skyscrapers” was Day 22 of the project–click on the link to read about the design process. The color in the photo is much more blue than the actual piece–I have a new camera and I’m still learning how to make the best use of it. I’ll replace the picture when I get a better one.

Choosing the quilting was interesting for this piece because the design was so busy. I used a brick-like motif for the buildings and then I had planned to use just straight lines for the spiky borders. But it just wasn’t interesting, especially on such a small piece. So I took the straight lines out–fortunately I hadn’t gotten too far into it–and replaced them with this organic fan and arch design. I think it adds a lot more interest to the overall design and it was much more interesting to quilt! It reminds me of avenues and roundabouts in the city. Right-click on the image to see the quilting more closely.

I’m happy with the royal blue background for this one–the framer attaches the quilt and the background to a piece of mat board with a needle and thread, then stretches the whole thing around stretcher bars like those painters use for their canvases. It gives a very “finished” look and hangs on the wall just like a picture.

Only 29 more to go!