Tranquility 2011 Cindy Grisdela

I took some new work down to Chasen Galleries in Richmond recently–if you click on the link you’ll be able to see the work that is available there. I’ll post about the others in a couple of days.

Serenity 2011 Cindy Grisdela

These two pieces, “Tranquility” on the left and “Serenity” on the right were created after my “30 Days” project and I can definitely see some of the lessons learned coming out in this work. I used a controlled selection of colors for the centers so they are similar in feel, but each one is different. Also the asymmetrical placement of the focal point is something I used quite a bit in the earlier work. Using different blues for the background was something new, but I felt it adds interest to the design. The improvisational centers seem to glow from the tropical greens and golds against the blue background, which was the effect I was looking for, although the overall color scheme is more muted than I typically use.

There’s a lot of texture added to these pieces with different stitching designs. If you right-click on the images you’ll be able to see the texture more clearly. When they’re hung with light shining on them, like they are at the gallery, the texture makes you want to step closer.

They were deliberately created to hang together, although they can each stand alone. Each piece is gallery-wrapped in a chocolate brown background and stretched on stretcher bars so they hang on the wall just like a painting.

For more information on my “30 Days” project, click on “March 2011” in the Archives on the right.

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