"Playing with Crayons" Cindy Grisdela

“Playing with Crayons” Cindy Grisdela

A couple of months ago I was asked to become a writer for the quilting blog at Craftsy.com.  It’s taken a little while to get up and running, but my first post went up last week about how to successfully mix different fabrics in quilts, featuring my Playing with Crayons quilt.

Craftsy offers online classes in a variety of topics–quilting, knitting, cooking, gardening, and photography, among others. Each topic has its own blog too.

Here’s the link to my first post if you’d like to read more about it:


Another one of my posts is here–this one about using spirals in free motion quilting.

These posts for Craftsy are going to be more about the nuts and bolts of quilting than I usually go into here on this blog, but it’s an exciting opportunity and I’m looking forward to it. I expect once I get into a routine there, my posts will appear about twice a month.

I hope you’ll follow along over there! You can stay in touch by signing up for Craftsy notifications via email on their site, on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

There’s still no news on my missing quilts, unfortunately. Thanks to all those who have asked about it and expressed concern. I’ll keep you posted! If you want to read about the saga of the stolen quilts, the links are here and here.