Secret Garden 2012 Cindy Grisdela

Secret Garden 2012 Cindy Grisdela

One of my favorite pieces, “Secret Garden,” went to its new home yesterday at the Art in the High Desert show in Bend, Oregon! When I asked the new owner where it would be hung, he said he hadn’t decided between two possible locations, so it might live in one room for a while and then the other so he could decide where it fit best.

Of course, all of my pieces are my favorites at one time or another!

August Garden 2014 Cindy Grisdela 10" x 20"

August Garden 2014 Cindy Grisdela 10″ x 20″

The piece that I featured in my blog post yesterday, “August Garden,” also found a new home. Yesterday must have been the garden theme day at the show. This piece is meant to hang in a guest room, the new owners told me. What a nice welcome for visitors!

Both of these pieces featured whimsical stitching of fantasy flowers, leaves, clouds and rocks.

There’s another day left at the show, located in the Old Mill District in Bend on the banks of the Deschutes River. We’ll be open from 10-6 today, admission is free and it looks like another beautiful day!

I’m in Booth 83 right by the pedestrian footbridge and I’d love to see you if you’re in the area and have the chance to stop by.

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