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 August 7, 2009
Posted by Cindy
Cindy Grisdela Studio

Cindy Grisdela Studio

I had a photographer, Al Reitan, come over and take pictures of my studio recently for the Great Falls Studio Tour that will take place October 17-18 this year and I thought I would share this photo of my space. I have a studio that would generously be called “compact” at about 8′ x10′ in size. There’s great natural light from two windows to the left and right of my sewing machine and a good sized design wall. I have a large ironing surface to the right of the machine set on top of wire baskets and another set of baskets form the base for my cutting table. At the bottom left is another view to the other side of the machine that shows the ironing board and basket arrangement. I keep my fabrics in the wire baskets divided by color and type, so the cotton printed fabrics are separate from the batiks, solids and hand-dyed. As you can see, I work on more than one project at a time on the design wall. If you’ve visited my blog before, you’ll see “Tropical Reef” in process, as well as the red improvisational piece in solids and the next idea in my “Salsa” series, among others. Usually my two cats are in the studio with me–one under each window–but they were frightened off by the straightening process that went on before these photos were taken.

Cindy's Studio

On another note, after much reflection I recently added prices to my website. If you see a piece you like in one of the galleries, click on the thumbnail to view a larger image with the dimensions and the price. You will still need to contact me if you are interested in making a purchase, but you’ll know the price beforehand. I hope this additional transparency will be helpful to my visitors.

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