Abstracting from Art

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Use a work or art as inspiration for an abstract quilt design. It can be a painting you admire, a photograph, a graphic design, or anything else you find inspiring. We will be using the source as inspiration only for color and shape—not representing the work itself. Through lectures, demos, and individual discussions we will study our inspirations and how to translate them into fabric. Because we start with different inspiration pieces, all the work will be different. My examples include work inspired by the painter Paul Klee, a photograph of flowers, and a graphic clothing design.

Read my blog post about teaching this class at https://cindygrisdela.com/2024/03/17/so-much-fun-with-abstracting-from-art/

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Teaching Philosophy

I believe that each one of us has the ability to be creative–we just need to allow our creativity space to grow. Improv is a great way to give yourself permission to play with no rules and no patterns. I encourage my students to explore their own ideas using my techniques as inspiration to design their own original art quilts. We talk about color, about simple design principles to keep in mind as you create, explore improvisational techniques that I use in my work, and discuss ideas for quilting and finishing. I enjoy teaching and my classes can be successfully adapted to different skill levels.


Lecture alone (45-60 minutes plus Q&A) – $500
Half day workshop (3-4 hours) – $550
Full day workshop (one 6 hour or two 3 hour sessions) – $900

Maximum 24 students, unless special arrangements are made.

Workshops and lectures can be presented either in person or virtually via Zoom. Prices are the same for virtual and in-person options.

Prices do not include travel expenses, which the group will save if the event is virtual. Contact me at [email protected] for additional information.

If you don’t see the workshop you’d like, contact me at [email protected] to design a workshop for your group!

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