“Food” Exhibit at Katie’s Coffee in August

 July 31, 2009
Posted by Cindy
Buttercream and Chocolate 12" x 12"

Buttercream and Chocolate 12" x 12"

“Buttercream and Chocolate” is part of a new Great Falls Studios theme exhibit at Katie’s Coffee in Great Falls for the month of August. The theme this time was simply “Food” and each piece was restricted to a maximum size of 154 inches, including the frame. There are 21 pieces in the show, including paintings, photographs, pottery, jewelry (mounted in a shadowbox type frame) and my fiber piece.

The title of course refers to the icing on the cupcakes, which were hand appliqued along with their plate onto a background resembling a table. The buttercream cupcake has seed beads applied by hand to add some definition and sparkle. The background is heavily machine quilted in several different motifs. The piece is stitched to the red-purple background and then the whole thing is stretched over a 12″ x 12″ canvas.

At right is a shot of one of the groupings of artwork at the show. It was interesting to see how each participating artist chose to interpret the theme–some sweet food, like cupcakes and pies, some fruit, some vegetables, some coffee, some wine. One photographer offered a shot of a classic book open on a table set for dinner entitled “Food for Thought” and another showed a mother sparrow feeding her babies. It’s an exciting group of talented artists–stop by and have a cup of coffee if you’re in the neighborhood of Great Falls Village and see what you think.

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