It Was a Great Tour!

 October 20, 2009
Posted by Cindy
Studio Tour Display

Studio Tour Display

Despite contending with some very soggy weather on Saturday, the Studio Tour last weekend was a lot of fun! At right is a shot of my “Salon Wall” displaying my work.  This is the fourth year I participated in the tour, but the first time I did it at my home studio. I really enjoyed it! I had such a good time displaying my work all over the house and sharing it with interested visitors.

The reason I hadn’t done it here before is my studio is a small upstairs bedroom, just big enough for me, my sewing machine and my two cats. But it worked out fine–I brought my machine and my portable design wall down into the kitchen, which has a large table in front of a sliding door looking out into the garden and a nice gas fireplace–and I did demonstrations of freemotion quilting and my design process on the wall. It was a cozy setup and people seemed to enjoy it.

I’ll definitely do it here again because it gives people an idea of what fiber art actually looks and feels like on the walls in a home environment.

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