“Jazz Rhythms” Complete

Jazz Rhythms 56"h x 35"w

Jazz Rhythms 56"h x 35"w

“Jazz Rhythms” is finally complete and photographed and up on the website. It’s the latest in my Color Block series of quilts that use mostly solid fabrics and improvisational piecing.

This has been a work in progress for some time, because I ended up reworking it once before it was quilted and once afterwards–reworking a quilt after it’s been quilted is not something I’d recommend, but in this case I’m glad I did it. Last fall I thought I was finished with it and I had the opportunity to have it professionally critiqued.¬† The group thought it should be vertical rather than horizontal and that it should have more of the wonky stripe sections on the outside edges. I thought their ideas had merit, so I turned it on its side and “unstitched” some of the sections on the outside so I could¬† add more wonky stripes. Then I restitched it. This was easier than it sounds because I was handquilting the piece with big stitches and perle cotton. There are red concentric circles quilted all over the top.

The great thing about this series is every time I finish one piece I have ideas for several more. I’d like to do something like this again but have the interior sections more controlled and play more with the wonky stripes. Stay tuned.

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