New Name – Jazz Rhythms

Jazz Rhythms Latest Update

Jazz Rhythms Latest Update

This is the latest version of my “Red is a Neutral” piece–which I’ve renamed to “Jazz Rhythms.” I took it over to show my artist friend Jennifer Duncan recently to get her input. Jennifer does wonderful abstract mixed media paintings and uses a bright color palette similar to mine–you can see her work at

We decided it needed more of the wonky stripe sections, so I brought it back to the studio and made some changes, which I think have made it stronger, but also a little edgier–so I decided to change the name, too. I’m in the process of hand quilting this with red perle cotton in a concentric circle motif and then I’ll have to decide if it wants a binding on the edge or an irregular faced edge. Stay tuned!


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    I am LOVING the changes you decided to make on this piece. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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    Thanks Jennifer! I really appreciate your feedback on it. I’m about 95% finished and it’s being critiqued tonight by a group of fiber artists, so we’ll see what they say.

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