Second Chances

Second Chances is part of a series of art quilts exploring improvisational block compositions. Three vertical improv stripes in warm reds, golds, and browns draw the eye in–with a few splashes of lime green. The warm colors of the blocks contrast with the deep blue background so the blocks appear to glow.

I quilted a large echoing spiral design over the entire piece using blue variegated thread to add motion and texture. The first time I tried to do the stitching, I ended up with some bubbles in the top, which I wasn’t happy with. I briefly considered tossing the whole thing and starting over, but I really liked the improv design I had created and it’s difficult to replicate the same thing twice. So I laboriously picked out all the stitching and did it again–that’s where the name Second Chances comes from–this piece got a second chance to shine.

Size: 16″ x 20″

Materials: Cherrywood hand dyed fabrics, varigated thread, batting. Mounted on painted black canvas.

Private Collection.

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