dscn0409 I curated an all media show of Great Falls Studios artists at the Fairfax County Government Center last weekend. We have 14 artists exhibiting 53 works of art ranging from painting to photography to sculpture to fiber in a curved first floor hallway of the office building. The exhibit is part of the Fairfax County Arts Council’s Arts in the Workplace program which showcases a rotating group of artists in different office venues around the county. It will be up until July 10, 2009 and you can see it during normal business hours Monday-Friday.

Shown left is Jonathan Fisher’s wood relief sculpture and Jan Bender’s black and white photographs.fire-and-ice-509 At right is my “Fire and Ice” piece, which I’ve recently had mounted onto stretcher bars with a black linen background. I’m happy with the result. The background really makes the bright design pop, I think. It’s recently been photographed and I’ll have it up in the gallery as soon as I get the pictures back from the photographer.

Curating this show was  a real experience for me, since it’s the group’s first major exhibit outside of Great Falls. We hope to get some exposure to people who might not have seen our work before. I’m grateful to those members of Great Falls Studios who participated in the exhibit and helped to hang it last Saturday.