229 Now that I’ve finished with my shows and most of my travel for the spring, I’m back to working in the studio. I’ve got several of these improvisational pieces made out of solids either on the design wall or in my head. “Hint of Lime” shown right is the latest. There’s something about working in this style that really appeals to me right now, but I’m conflicted about it because it’s different from my other work and I’m not sure that it really “works” on a design level. I enjoy the process of deciding what color palette I’m going to work with and then just diving into cutting and sewing without much of a preconceived plan. In many ways the piece creates itself as one design decision leads to another and it’s this intuitive process that is exciting to me. Does it matter if it appeals to anyone else? Or should I just follow this trail where it leads?

I’ve been entering or curating quite a few shows recently and while I enjoy doing that, it has definitely meant less time just working on new ideas and letting things percolate. As a result, I’m finding that I’m focusing more on the finished product than on the process. The process is where creativity comes from, I think. So I’m back to the studio to play!