London Bridge Cindy Grisdela 2010

This is the first piece inspired by my recent trip to London. It’s called ‘London Bridge” and it is on display at the Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria until the beginning of January.Do stop by if you’re in the area–it’s a great show and a wonderful opportunity to find a unique gift for those special people on your list.

Interestingly, I designed this quilt to be presented horizontally, but when I got it finished, it looked so much better as a vertical piece that I kept it that way. If you right click on the image, you can see lots of dense quilting creating texture in the open areas. There are pebbles at the very bottom, square spirals on the “bridge,” wavy cloud/water shapes in the middle. I particularly like the narrow red strip at the top for some reason. It’s interesting to me that such a narrow line of strong color can balance the heavier design at the bottom of the composition. I’m having such a good time with these minimalist pieces–one idea seems to lead to the next! The main focus, of course, is the color interactions, then adding the quilting stitches to create new areas of interest. My apologies for the stray threads in the background–apparently I need to use some sticky tape on the design wall in my studio!

I gave a studio tour today to a group of artists from Great Falls Studios and it was great fun to talk about my work, my design process, and my journey as an artist with artists who work in other media–we all are working with similar concepts of design–line, color, texture, balance, composition. Each artist interprets those concepts in a personal way–it’s fascinating!


  1. Dorry on November 18, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    Thank you for the tour today Cindy. It was very exciting to see all your new work grouped together on your gallery wall. Clearly you are having a lot of fun in your studio.