Annapolis Festival Booth Cindy Grisdela 2011

I’m back from the Annapolis Arts & Crafts Festival–almost everything is unpacked. I’m happy with the way my booth turned out. The focus was on my new Color Abstractions series, plus some fun pillows–and I got really great positive feedback! That’s always a nice feeling.

It was a hot, hot weekend–many thanks to those of you that ventured out and stopped by to visit me. One of the things I enjoy most about these events is meeting new people and talking about art. It’s very energizing, which I can guarantee is a surprise to anyone who knew me when I was young–“shy” was my middle name!

Here’s a wider shot of the whole booth, including my new banner. Next time I’ll bring a rug for the floor–we were told that there would be grass, but I guess it’s been too hot.

Annapolis Art Festival Booth with Banner Cindy Grisdela 2011

My next chore is to clean up my studio so I can find the things I need for my next project. I’m quilting eight or ten of my “30 quilts in March” project for a joint show with friend and fellow artist Jennifer Duncan that will go up in July. I’ll have a sneak peak of one of them tomorrow! Visit the blog archives for March to read about the project, or visit my Facebook page here where the photographs of all 30 are posted.