"Marbles" 2011 Cindy Grisdela

I spent a good bit of time thinking about how to quilt “Marbles.” It lived on my design wall in my studio while I was working on other things and every so often I would glance over and wonder how to add lines to enhance the design.

Well, sometimes simple is the best choice.

I stitched vertical lines over the marble section and then horizontal lines overall, so there’s a grid pattern in the main composition. If you right-click on the image, you’ll be able to see the lines more clearly. The thread is variegated in the colors used in the marbles, which is nice.

What do you think? Should I have chosen a more complicated stitch pattern like I’ve done on some of the others? Click back to the previous post on “Captured Marbles” for an example.

Incidentally, this piece is straight–my camera has some sort of tunnel vision sometimes. It’s at the framer’s now so it will be ready for my upcoming shows in October–the 2011 MPA Artfest on Sunday, October 2 and the Great Falls Studios Studio Tour Saturday, October 15 and Sunday, October 16. Mark your calendars!

“Marbles” is one of the 30 quilt tops I created in 30 days in March 2011. They are all approximately 16″ x 20″ and use solid fabrics that are pieced, not fused. For more information on the project, click on “March 2011″ in the archives on the right.