"Tides" 2011 Cindy Grisdela

I’m getting close to getting all 30 of my project pieces quilted. It’s been more of an undertaking than I realized when I started! Today’s feature is “Tides.” I tried a new quilting motif on this one, and I really like the way it turned out. It’s at the bottom of the piece in the large design segment. I created echoing swirls that look like water–right click on the image to see the details more clearly.

It’s got a lot of movement and energy! Plus there’s flowing lines, bubbles and more swirls in the rest of the composition that add more rich texture to the piece. This one was fun to stitch.

I’m spending these rainy days in my studio quilting so all of my “30 days” pieces will be ready for the Great Falls Studios 8th Annual Studio Tour October 15-16. I can’t wait to see them all in one place! Visit the GFS website for more information on the Tour at www.greatfallsstudios.com 

Below is a stack of quilts waiting to be finished. Once the texture is added with the

Finishing 2011 Cindy Grisdela

stitching lines, there’s still a lot to do–burying the loose threads, attaching a backing so the raw edges don’t show, signing my name with stitching.

I’ll be posting the quilts as I finish them, so check back often! For more information about my project–30 quilt tops in 30 days–visit the March 2011 tab in the blog archives to the right.

Mark your calendars for the Tour and also for the McLean Project for the Arts Artfest 2011 on Sunday, October 2. I’d love to see you there!