My work is featured in two online Virtual Galleries this month–on the websites of Studio Art Quilt Associates and Great Falls Studios.

"Red Totem" 2010 Cindy Grisdela

You’ll find “Red Totem” in the January Virtual Gallery on the Studio Art Quilt Associates website. The virtual exhibit is titled “Lines of Thought” and the curator, Kathryn Schmidt, writes in her summary that “Seemingly simple lines can invoke powerful feelings, both for the artist and the viewer.” Definitely food for thought! Visit the website by clicking on the link here then click on “New Virtual Gallery – Lines of Thought” on the left hand toolbar. There are some very interesting pieces of work in this gallery and I’m pleased to have been included.

Three of my pieces are included in the “Patterns” exhibit on the Great Falls Studios website. The

"Townhouses" 2011 Cindy Grisdela

call for entry asked for work that included lines, shapes or colors arranged in a pattern–which is descriptive of much of my work! I had a difficult time choosing which pieces to send, but ended up with “Townhouses” at right, plus “Currents” and “Box of Marbles”–all from my March project last year.There are patterns of lines, patterns of shape and patterns of color, plus patterns of texture if you right click on the image to see the stitching better.

To view the exhibit, click on the link to the GFS website here and then on the Virtual Gallery prompt in the middle of the home page. It’s a large exhibit with a lot of different interpretations of the theme, from representational to abstract, including painting, photography, fiber, sculpture and jewelry. Which do you think captures the idea the best?


  1. MOM on January 20, 2012 at 11:06 pm

    Congratulations!! Proud of you and your work.