Schoolhouse Presentation Quilt Market 2016 - Cindy Grisdela

Schoolhouse Presentation Quilt Market 2016 – Cindy Grisdela

I had a great time at Quilt Market, and now I have time for a breath or two before Quilt Festival starts this Wednesday night!

My favorite thing at Market was my book signing at the C&T Publishing booth on Saturday morning. It was really fun to be able to interact with people interested in Artful Improv. The first person to get a book was from the Netherlands–how about that?! You can see a picture of the event above–and even a sliver of the cover quilt “Jazz Rhythms” hanging in the booth in the right side of the picture.

The quilts behind me are by Angela Walters–the yellow one directly behind my chair–and Deborah Boschert–the long blue one to the right of that. Both have new books out by C&T as well this fall.

I also did a short presentation for shop owners on Thursday, along with Deborah, who’s the author of Art Quilt Collage, and Jen Fox and Sarah Case, who co-wrote Transfer Embellish Stitch. We each had 8 minutes to give a taste of our books and show some of our artwork.

Thursday afternoon Deborah and I visited several other Schoolhouse presentations and met some of the other artists and designers. Quilt Market was mostly about networking for me and I enjoyed meeting people that I follow on Instagram or Facebook, like Jamie Fingal, Leslie Tucker Jenison, and Teri Lucas of Generation Q magazine, who participated in the Blog Tour for Artful Improv.

Artful Improv Sneak Peak - Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts

Sneak Peak at Artful Improv Special Exhibit – Quilt Festival 2016

Next up is Quilt Festival, and my Artful Improv Special Exhibit!

The image at left is a preview shot of the exhibit. Sorry about the light pole in the middle–I was trying to get a wide shot and didn’t think about the distraction of the pole. It’s so incredible to see my work hanging all together in Houston! I promise to get some better pictures soon.

These are just a few of the quilts–there are 16 in total from the book. I’ll be there from the preview night Wednesday, Nov. 2 through the show closing Sunday, Nov. 6. I’m looking forward to chatting with visitors about Artful Improv and I’ll have books to autograph and sell, too.

I have two book signings lined up during Festival at The Craftsman’s Touch Books–Booth 622. The first is 10 AM – 12 PM on Friday, November 4 and the second is 10 AM – 12 PM on Saturday, November 5. Also on Friday, I’ll be doing a sewing demo in the Cherrywood Fabrics booth from 3-5 PM. Come chat with me while I make improv blocks!


  1. Rachel Biel on October 31, 2016 at 3:41 pm

    So exciting, Cindy! 🙂

  2. Sharon Sutherlin on October 31, 2016 at 10:51 pm

    I can’t wait to see you on Saturday. I am looking forward to getting your book and seeing your quilts. I am sewing the strips to Fire and Ice together! Hoping to show you a pic!!!