I’m all set and ready to go at the Baltimore Craft Show opening today! I came over yesterday to set my booth up, hoping I remembered how to do it since my last indoor show was last October.

The show opens today at 10 AM at the Baltimore Convention Center, One W. Pratt St. I’m in Booth 2510. 

Hours are 10-8 today, 10-6 Saturday, and 10-5 Sunday.

It was fun to get into the exhibit hall yesterday and see some old friends I hadn’t seen since the last East Coast show I did last year. And I met some new people who stopped by the booth as it was going up.

This is a huge show–there are more than 600 of the top artists and artisans in the country showing their best work in every media–jewelry, clothing, metal, glass, furniture, sculpture, ceramic and decorative fiber, to name a few.

I love set up day–there’s so much possibility ahead. The noise of the booths going up and the excited cries of people seeing each other again is invigorating.

When you are juried into one of these shows, usually what you get is a 10′ x 10′ square of concrete convention floor and a booth sign with your name on it. In just a few hours, you go from this:

Before Photo-Baltimore 2018-Cindy Grisdela

Baltimore 2018 Show Booth Before Photo – Cindy Grisdela

To this:

Baltimore Show 2018 Booth - Cindy Grisdela

Baltimore Show 2018 Booth – Cindy Grisdela

Some artists have helpers, but I usually set up solo–it’s a little like decorating a room. There is always a glitch or two–I had to make a stop at Home Depot on my way home to try and replace one of my lights and one of the slats for a small quilt that escaped somewhere along the way–but that’s not so bad. I’ve had worse–like the time I forgot ALL my lights in a very dimly lit venue!

Click here if you’d like to buy your tickets online ahead of time and avoid the wait at the door.

I have some new pieces to share and I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones at the show! I hope you’ll have a chance to stop by.

If you’d like to read more about being an artist on the art show circuit, I have an article in the Feb/Mar issue of Quilting Arts magazine that I wrote about here.