Good Intentions

Journal Cover

Journal Cover

Well, I had every good intention of getting back to work in the studio this week, but my kids are home and I haven’t been able to string enough minutes together to do anything productive. That’s OK, though. I feel very fortunate that my teenage boys still want to spend time with me every now and then!

I thought I would share the journal cover I made for my husband as a Christmas gift at right. I started making these covers about six weeks ago to sell at my holiday shows and they proved to be very popular. My husband wanted one for Christmas, but they all sold out, so what was I doing Christmas Eve but frantically stitching a new one for him? These are great fun to make because I get to play with small leftover blocks and scraps that otherwise might go to waste–that’s my kind of project! I never know exactly what it’s going to look like when it’s finished, but he was very pleased with this one and I was happy with it too.

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