These pieces are either in private collections or not currently for sale.


Kaleidoscope art quilt - Cindy Grisdela

Kaleidoscope is a celebration of curves. I challenged myself to work large, cutting the curves freehand without using templates. Creating lines and shapes directly out of fabric is liberating, engaging me in a dialogue with my materials. The final touch is the texture created by the vertical stitching lines, pulling the composition into a cohesive…


Fireworks Large Art Quilt - Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts

Fireworks is a celebration of color and line, enhanced by dense stitching in a variety of motifs. The arcs and colors reminded me of sky lit up on the Fourth of July. All of my stitching is done freehand on the sewing machine, without a computer or other marking. Exhibited in Rock Paper Scissors |…


art quilt in neutral tones with pops of color - Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts

Neutrals are the focus of Transit, with just a few splashes of color. The composition reminded me of a subway map, which is where the name came from. Exhibited in RockPaperScissors | Playing with Material Change at the Historic Thomas Center Gallery in Gainesville, Fl September 28, 2018 – January 4, 2019.

Rock Cairns

Rock Cairns art quilt in reds and browns - Cindy Grisdela

Rock Cairns is a modern improv quilt in a variety of reds, warm browns and golds, with accents of gray. Improv blocks and curved stripes give energy to the piece. The warm improv blocks in the midst of the curved stripes reminded me of rock markers on a hiking path and inspired the name. The…

Wildflower Honey

Wildflower Honey art quilt in golds - Cindy Grisdela

Wildflower Honey has a single improvisational block as its main focal point. Soft golds and warm cinnamon browns make up the primary color scheme, with a few lines of black and green for contrast. The background shows off dense texture created by different stitching motifs, including fans, spirals and seashells. I was inspired to create…


Confetti Art Quilt - Cindy Grisdela

Confetti is an ode to curves. I challenged myself to work large, cutting curves freehand without using templates. In true improvisational style, I had no idea what the finished quilt was going to look like, beyond having four quadrants that create a bullseye effect. Some of the curves are broken up with inset spines so…

Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard art quilt in purple and gold - Cindy Grisdela

Sunset Boulevard is part of a series of small art quilts featuring a horizontal band of Improv Blocks, including at least one house shape. Negative background space above and below the focal band represents ground and sky. In this quilt, the improv band is made of up blocks in a warm red/purple color recipe, with…

Amber Harvest

Amber Harvest improv art quilt - Cindy Grisdela

Amber Harvest is part of a series of free hanging art quilts that feature a single oversized Improv Block floating on an asymmetrical background. Wavy lines in the gold background contrast with dense pebble stitching in the upper right corner. Amber Harvest has been exhibited widely–at Quilts=Art=Quilts in Auburn, NY, at the Naples Contemporary Craft…


Metamorphosis art quilt in orange yellow and green - Cindy Grisdela

Metamorphosis grew out of scraps leftover from another project–one of my favorite ways to work! The pieces almost arranged themselves on my design wall as I cut them. The black accents are a new design element that I’m exploring. After the composition emerged, I added interesting textures in the open areas to add dimension and…

These pieces are either in private collections or not currently for sale.

These pieces are either in private collections or not currently for sale.