“Rhythms” 2012 Cindy Grisdela

The Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) Benefit Auction began today!

It’s a reverse auction in three sections–the first section began at 2 PM today with all the quilts for sale at $750. At 2 PM tomorrow, the price will drop to $550, then $350 the next day, $250 the following day, then $150, and finally $75 on Saturday, Sept. 15.

Click here to see the quilts and pick out your favorite!

The next section begins at 2 PM on Monday, September 17 and ends on September 22 and the third and final section starts on September 24 and ends on September 29.

My quilt at left, Rhythms, is in the third section.

All of the quilts are 12″ square. It’s a great way to start a collection or add to one you already have! The funds go to support SAQA’s mission to promote art quilting through education and exhibits. It’s a great organization that I’m happy to support because I’ve gotten so much out of being a member myself.

Below are three wonderful quilts from the current auction section by

“Sunspots” Susan Engler – SAQA Auction

“Tourist Photo Call” Helen Conway – SAQA Auction

“Floral Shades” Terri Stegmiller – SAQA Auction

Susan Engler,  Helen Conway and Terri Stegmiller, just to give you an idea of what’s available.

Visit the website and see which ones you like best!