Rock Houses 2013 Cindy Grisdela

Rock Houses 2013 Cindy Grisdela

I’ve spent most of this week working on Rock Houses, at left,  to make a photography deadline. It’s always a strong motivator when I have an appointment with Greg Staley, who does all my professional photography (unlike the snapshot on this page!). I’ll replace this poor photo with his as soon as it’s available. (UPDATE:  Replacement photo now with the finished piece.)

Rock Houses is the third in a series I’m working on that is very exciting. The other

"Cliff Dwellings" 2013 Cindy Grisdela

“Cliff Dwellings” 2013 Cindy Grisdela

two, Cliff Dwellings and Tree Houses, both went to new homes the first time they were shown. The elements are similiar in all of them–improvisational blocks of reds and browns with a spark of blue, yellow or purple, plus vertical lines of more muted browns, maroons, and taupe. It’s an interesting color scheme that lends itself to many variations.

Tree Houses 2013 Cindy Grisdela

Tree Houses 2013 Cindy Grisdela

These pieces are all mounted on stretched canvas that I’ve painted black. You can see it in the two older pieces. They’re on the small side–Cliff Dwellings is 24×12, Tree Houses is 20×10 and Rock Houses is 20×16. I’m hoping to be able to put together a larger piece that will hang flat on the wall before the end of the year. For now, these smaller works are allowing me to explore the concept more fully so I know what I want to include if I do a larger piece.

This Sunday September 29, I’ll be with a group of fellow Great Falls Studios artists at the season opening of Amadeus Concerts in McLean, VA at 4 PM. We’ll be showing our work and chatting with patrons before the concert and during a reception afterwards at 6 PM. Click on the link above to get more information about the concert and to buy tickets. It’s a great collaboration between music and art!

Plus I’m getting ready for the McLean Artfest on Sunday, October 6 and the Great Falls Studios 10th Annual Studio Tour on Saturday October 19 and Sunday October 20. Be sure and visit the Great Falls Studios website at the link above for a sneak peek at our newly updated pages that showcase the wonderful art that will be available during the tour, and to sign up for the Art Bucks drawing for a chance to win one of 40 $50 certificates good toward the purchase of art during the tour.

I hope to see you at any or all of these events!



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  1. MOM on September 26, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    I really like these pieces. The colors are wonderful.Looks like you are “back in the groove!” Good luck at the shows coming up. Love you!!