Blue Improvisations Quilted Wall Hanging

Improvisations 2012 Cindy Grisdela

It’s been a busy week getting ready for back to back shows. Last weekend at the Washington Craft Show was a blast-

Sunset Stroll blue quilted wall hanging

Sunset Stroll 2014 Cindy Grisdela 12×12

-and several pieces found new homes, including Improvisations, far left, and Sunset Stroll, left.

It’s always fun doing a show near my home–not only do I get to meet new people, but I also get to see old friends. I get so  much energy from talking to people about art! And this time I got to take the subway to work–how cool is that?

I don’t know if I’ve ever done back to back shows on successive weekends, but it worked out that way this week. On Sunday morning I put my tent in the car, since the Washington show was indoors and I didn’t need it. Then I loaded everything up to go down to the Downtown Art Festival this weekend in Gainesville, FL, which is an outdoor show. In some ways it was

Car loaded for the show

Car Loaded for Back to Back Shows

easier, since I didn’t need to unload the car between shows! The tent (packed in bags) goes on the bottom, then the display panels and then the work on top. The flooring and the rest of the panels are behind the front seats. It all fits in my small SUV, but you have to put everything in its proper place! Then there’s the 12 hour drive from Virginia to Florida.

Two small quilted wall hangings decorate a bookcase

Two new pieces on the bookcase 2014 Cindy Grisdela

I did have a chance to finish a few small pieces for the Gainesville show before I left. At left on the bookcase are Cactus Flower on the left and Candy Apple on the right. These are part of a new series I dreamed up while sitting in my booth last weekend. Each piece is 6″ x 6″ and they’re mounted on artist canvas painted black. They can stand on their own, or hang on a wall. They make a good pair, don’t you think?

These pieces and much more will be on display at my booth at the Downtown Art Festival Saturday, November 8 and Sunday, November 9 in Gainesville, FL from 10-5 each day. I’m in Booth 160 and I’d love to see you if you have a chance to stop by!