I’m thrilled that Aquarius has been published in the gallery section of the new Curated Quilts magazine on Curves.

I love this magazine–it’s beautifully laid out with great photos and interesting articles. The Curves issue has articles about overcoming the fear of curves, a historical look at Double Wedding Ring quilts, a roundup of QuiltCon 2019, and more. Besides the main gallery section, each issue also has a gallery of mini quilts that are focused on the theme of the issue.

Some of my favorite artists are included in this issue and it’s an honor to be one of them!

Aquarius Art Quilt - Cindy Grisdela

Aquarius Art Quilt – Cindy Grisdela

Aquarius was completed last fall, and it’s one of my favorite new pieces. I’m into a series that focuses on these large scale curves and I’m really enjoying the exploration. You can read about the process of creating it here.

It’s a big art quilt for me–about 47″w x 53″h. The pod shape in the center reminded me of an abstract fish, and the blue sections are the water rushing underneath it. I had a great time stitching the texture with lots of different motifs and combinations of motifs–there are fan shapes in the black arcs and a combination of spirals, seashells, pebbles, and waves in the blue areas.

Detail of texture on Aquarius art quilt - Cindy Grisdela

Aquarius Stitching Detail – Cindy Grisdela

The detail above shows the spiral and square stipple combination in the pod shape–one of my new favorite motifs.

This is the second quilt I’ve had accepted into Curated Quilts. Confetti was in the Improv issue last year. It’s well worth checking out the magazine.