"Colors" Cindy Grisdela 2011

Here’s another new way to display an art quilt–as a cover for a flat screen TV. I can’t take credit for this great idea. My client came up with it and commissioned me to make this piece with a special sleeve to go over his TV when it’s not in use. Why didn’t I think of that?!

At left is the quilt–I called it Colors–in a full on image. It looks just like a painting on the wall. And below left is a side view where you can just see the TV behind it. It’s so much nicer than looking at the black box of the TV when it’s not on. I’m going to create a piece to cover my TV!

This was an interesting challenge on several levels. The quilt itself is an adaptation of  my Playing with Colors, which meant I knew what I was doing with the design, but it uses different fabrics and the blocks are smaller so the math would work. Math is not my strong point, but I’ve come to terms with it as a useful tool to do what I need to do in my work. The original quilt is 45″ x 54″ and this one needed to be 34″ x 51″ in order to completely cover the TV, but not overwhelm the space. The real challenge was creating the apparatus to hold the piece on the TV securely without compromising the design and making it unwieldy to put on and take off. Since I didn’t have access to my client’s actual TV, I wasn’t sure until I delivered it last night whether the sleeve I designed would actually work, but it did. That was a relief!

It was great fun to deliver the piece and get to see it in its new home.

In case you’re wondering what the other new way to display an art quilt is, click on this link to see an image of the commission I did last year.

You can see the original Playing With Colors if you open the “Large Art Quilts” tab above.

"Colors" Side view Cindy Grisdela 2011


  1. Eleanor Samuels on February 18, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    Dee, this is just awesome. I love the colors and the design. What a great way to display a quilt AND to cover up the TV. See you next week. MOM