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Students designing Compositions at “Building Blocks of Improv Quilting” Class

My “Building Blocks of Improvisational Quilting” workshop this past weekend was a blast! I was fortunate to have six enthusiastic, motivated students, and thrilled that each one finished a top entirely of her own design.

The class went for two days over the weekend. The first day we talked about color and improvisational design, and we created the five elements, or building blocks, that students would use to create their own unique compositions.

The second day we played with the elements and began building our compositions, and we talked about how to use the principles of artistic design to create an improvisational art quilt. We designed on squares of batting taped to the wall, so we could walk back and evaluate our choices.

For some students, it was their first attempt at creating without a pattern. And they all did amazing work! Each student brought her own fabrics to use–some were solids and some were batiks or other patterned fabrics, so each piece reflects her personal fabric and color choice, and no two are alike.

With their permission, I’m proud to share the designs my students created.

Michelle's Improv Design

Michelle’s Improv Design from the Building Blocks class

First is Michelle, who used primarily green and blue with a pop of scarlet to build her quilt top.

Gloria's Improv Quilt

Gloria’s Improv Design from the Building Blocks class

Next is Gloria, who used bright, cheerful colors for her design.

Pat's Improv Quilt

Pat’s Improv quilt from the Building Blocks class

Pat decided to go with a subtle palette, highlighted with scarlet.

Donna's Improv Quilt

Donna’s Improv Quilt from the Building Blocks class

My apologies to Donna for the image that came out blurry. She decided to add a pop of black and white to her improv design.

Jeanne's Improv quilt

Jeanne’s Improv Quilt from the Building Blocks class

Jeanne tried several different designs before she found the one that spoke to her with brights softened by several different grays.

Libby's Improv Quilt

Libby’s Improv Quilt from the Building Blocks class

Last but not least, Libby used a southwest color scheme with a splash of aqua for punch.

I’m so excited by how each student used the building blocks in a different way to come up with her own unique creative statement, and I’m looking forward to teaching the class next time. Stay tuned for details!

Many thanks to the Great Falls School of Art for hosting the class.

My next show is Art in the High Desert in Bend, OR the weekend before Labor Day–August 28-30, 2015. If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you!

I’m taking July off from shows to work on a special project that I’ll be able to share later in the summer!


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  1. MOM on June 29, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    All of these quilts are awesome! They must have had a really good teacher. Congratulations!